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About Purchasing My Own Handmade Ocarinas

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Kenji Ogawa

As you can see by looking over my web site carefully, I make ocarinas, but that is not to make a living. I make them just for my own performance.
However, while teaching ocarina making or playing through this web site or in classes, or while performing in various places, a lot of people have asked if I am willing to part with any of the ocarinas I make myself.
Although it doesn't change my basic opinion that you should make your ocarina by yourself, I decided to part with some of the ocarinas that I make as musical instruments to play myself (not for business). I was persuaded by someone who told me that not everybody can go as far in making their own ocarinas. The ocarinas that I am selling are made for my own use.
I stick to and pursue my ideal timbre as much as I can.
I simply don't guarantee that everyone will be satisfied with this kind of ocarina. However, I am sure you will be able to play it if you study the timbre and the music.


Again, please understand that you might have to wait a while because I don't make so many.

At present, I mainly make the ocarina in C, which you find at the bottom of the photo above. (The ocarinas in the photo are before being baked)

I don't take special orders such as air speed settings or tuning curves. If it is your second time or more to order, I can take simple requests such as the positions of the finger holes. In that case, I will have to discuss the date of delivery with you.

(I send the ocarina after I test and confirm there are no problems. It would be difficult and take some time for those who can not control how to blow to get accustomed to play. My ocarinas do not sound good if you blow roughly. If you are worried, you might think twice before ordering.)


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