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2005/10/22(Sat) 08:37〜 present number of votes: 102
RankVoteItemThe number of votesThe reason for voteGraph
No 1mononoke -piccolo 26[Comment] 25.5%
No 2Nocturne 20[Comment] 19.6%
No 3catalonia folk song: el cant dels ovells 10[Comment] 9.8%
No 4 Antiche Danze ed Arie per Liuto No3 Siciliana 9[Comment] 8.8%
-The Spring 9[Comment] 8.8%
-W.A.MOZART : Eine kleine Nachtmusik 9[Comment] 8.8%
No 7El cant dels ocells : Haunting. 5[Comment] 4.9%
-el condor pasa 5[Comment] 4.9%
No 9Solo Sonata mp3 2[Comment] 2.0%
-it made me feel like i'm in another world - haunting... 2[Comment] 2.0%
No 11Ĉiu popola muziko 1[Comment] 1.0%
-"Le Cygne (The Swan)" 1[Comment] 1.0%
-39 1[Comment] 1.0%
-A haunting melencholy song, perfect for the Ocarina . 1[Comment] 1.0%
-Wow! That was really beautiful! 1[Comment] 1.0%
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New comment 5
mononoke -piccolo
    piccolo amazing, performance touching! sounds is amazing (2015/12/08(Tue) 04:26)

W.A.MOZART : Eine kleine Nachtmusik
    Great work!
    Nice done! (2013/07/06(Sat) 23:21)

A haunting melencholy song, perfect for the Ocarina .
    I would love to own one of your insruments. (2010/01/25(Mon) 09:21)

catalonia folk song: el cant dels ovells
    I have saved the mp3 file and listening to it brings me relief, and calm. I hope the crafter of those wonders is still in activity, because I would love to have one.

    Marwan KOUKI, Paris, France (2009/08/28(Fri) 05:40)

catalonia folk song: el cant dels ovells
    Simple yet beautiful! (2009/03/13(Fri) 09:13)