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[969] ノートパット 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2003/10/10(Fri) 09:54

[968] はじめまして 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2003/10/05(Sun) 14:58
2ヶ月ほど前 このHPに感化され オカリーナ制作に手をつけました。土いじりは陶芸を
少々。音楽のほうは若い頃 合唱をしていました。音感が悪いようで 制作したオカリーナは 
上昇音階で 高めになるようで。 下降してくると 上昇時の音程と多少ずれが生じるようで
す。制作は自分で試行錯誤できますが、誰か 問題は奏法です。 北陸でオカリーナの奏法をレ
クチャーしていただける方 いないでしょうか。  

[967] 初めまして、大束晋と申します。 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2003/09/27(Sat) 10:42  Home
オカリーナの方が上手い下手は解りにくいかなぁ?? あはは

[966] はじめまして。 投稿者:フリート [choose ] 投稿日:2003/09/19(Fri) 01:38


「お」友達の会 にも御入会頂いた様ですから一緒にOcarinaを楽しみましょう。 

「ギャラリー路 オカリーナコンサート」のご案内
http://village.infoweb.ne.jp/~flute/cgi-bin/mb8.cgi よろしくです!

[965] Ocarina! 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2003/09/13(Sat) 07:07
Hello, I want an ocarina. Am I just supposed to email Kenji? I already have an
ocarina right now, and have gotten quite good at it, but i want one with more
holes than the one i have right now, and I like these.
The sound of Ocarina is really great.
It is felt as it has come out from the bottom of its heart truly.When it is blowing calmly, I want to come to carry out more wonderful expression.However, that Ocarina which made many holes makes sound changes difficultly.Therefore, also making and performing are also difficult for Ocarina of 12 holes.I welcome your trial.Please try to practice control of the Ogawa system in the 12 hole Ocarina.

[964] Phd 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2003/09/11(Thu) 01:08  Home
This is a great site!
I make some of my ocarinas withought success, but now I am trying to follow
your example. now, my ocarinas are a little bit better. Practice will make me
I enjoy ocarinas a lot. I was born in Japan, raised in Spain, and now travell
around USA and Mexico looking for other tasts in music. I truely am impressed
with your work/hobby.
I play the saxophone, trumpet and recorder. Of all the wind instruments that I
have heard, I feel that the Ocarina makes the most soothing and relaxing music.
Even though I do make some ocarinas, I would like to have one made by someone
who has more experience than me so I can get better at making mine. Do you know
if it is possible if I can buy one from you?
Thankyou for making this site.
It has helped me a lot
P.S. Nihongo mo shaberimasu :-)
It is delightful for me that this site is helpful to many people.It is not difficult to make Ocarina.It is really pleasant work.However, it is serious to make a good musical instrument.It does not know whether there is also Ocarina which looks the same by the object or the good musical instrument.I am the place where that is interesting ...
You are able to purchase my Ocarina. However, I think that it takes time.
Please read this page.
My cd ........TOY BOX FOR OCARINA No.1
My Ocarinas

[963] 無題 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2003/09/08(Mon) 21:59
hello! i was wondering if you could help me? i'm fairly new to playing an
ocarina - i'm trying to teach myself and i dont think i am doing too badle
right now! (but i do say so myself... i can do a couple of songs, anyhow...)
but - when i try making high notes (high do and high rei to be exact...) the
noise is awful! i really love my ocarina and i dont really want to buy a
different one. (my friend bought it for me after i playes zelda... i said i'd
like to learn and now i am!! yay!) but what can i do about it being so out of
tune?? its a little ceramic pendant shaped one - and the people at the shop it
came from knew nothing about how i could fix it :( what should i do? is there
anything i can do? or do you think that i should get another one. (the shop
wont let me bring it back to them because i have had it for a month already -
i'd have to buy a new one.) i dont know if this is the place to write about
i just love your site!! wonderful! you ocarinas are just beautiful too!
please help me... thanks!
Thank you for the comment of this site.
Many Ocarinas are difficult for making high notes with a beautiful sound.
In my site, the method can be seen with a photograph. A photograph is universal though it is Japanese. There is also a problem of the musical instrument itself. That is, even if visible to the same Ocarina, unless it tries the capability, it is not known. Supposing you can perform a Recorder well, as for you, Ocarina blows well.
The rest should look for good Ocarina.

[962] 感謝、感謝! 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2003/09/07(Sun) 03:44
はじめまして。今 イリノイ州の小さな町のモテルで"アメージンググレイス”を吹きながら書いています。
「お」友達の会 に入会下さって有難う御座います。一緒にオカリーナを楽しみましょう!
>今 イリノイ州の小さな町のモテルで"アメージンググレイス”

[961] Domo aringato gozaimasu 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2003/09/01(Mon) 06:30
Dear Mr.Ogawa,
I greatly enjoyed your webpage, personal philosophy, and seeing your
beautiful ocarina's. Your work is very worthy of praise. I especially enjoyed
your performace of the Vocalise. It was enchanting. Domo aringato gozaimasu.
Thank you! Vocalise is my favorite music.
A performance and work of Ocarina are very pleasant.
Let's enjoy ourselves to company.
aringato gozaimasu.

[960] how to 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2003/08/31(Sun) 04:18
Hi, i've been viewing your site for the past few years and have loved it. I
made the ocarina toy from your tutorial and would like to know if you plan on
writing a step by step tutorial on the ocarinas that you make for yourself.
All of my attempts have not turned out so good, and i would like to know your
method on how to make the 4+ hole ocarina.
I do not make 4 hole ocarina. A reason is that a problem is in the motile ability as a musical instrument.Of course, there is a fault that that 12 hole ocarina makes changes difficultly.
It is good that many persons express the opinion attached to Ocarina.
I think it good to write the trial to Ocarina (or for it to experience from now on) which you experienced. Although there may be no it at "Haw to",
it thinks that it is that there is interest for those who read.
The principle of Ocarina is simple. And there is no structure of Ocarina in a difficult thing. It is the same as ceramic art, and it is free no matter what "how to make" it may adopt.
I expect your challenge!!

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