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Playing Ocarina is not so difficult.

You can enjoy playing Ocarina, even while sitting in a rocker.

However, I believe that Ocarina is not a toy but a genuine musical instrument which enables satisfactory musical expression.

I keep the heat on making best Ocarina and developing new method for playing Ocarina, in order to realize my music as a professional player.

I have set up this website, in order to transmit to everyone what I have experienced in Ocarina making and playing.

I hope you can make your own ocarina and play with it more beautifully than before by following the advice or information on the website.

I would appreciate it if you could also visit the pages written in Japanese by using automatic translation software etc., if you need, since those pages include useful information about Ocarina.

When you make a copy or quote all or any part of the contents of this website, please indicate on your information and/or message that the source is “Ocarina Room” and that the link is https://www.fl-oca.com/ .

I would be delighted if you could inform me accordingly.

I am Ocarina player. To perform by itself, I research, and make Ocarina.
나는 Ocarina 의 연주집이다.나는 스스로 연주하기 위해 Ocarina를 연구를 해, 만듭니다.

This site was translated into English by Suimin. --- ( Suimin is my Ocarina student.)
This site is written about 12-hole ocarinas. Of course, the contents can beapplied to all types of ocarina.
I hope you will find this English version enjoyable and useful for your ocarina life.
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