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Haw to play Ogawa Ocarina

Please use, although it is under edit.(It is Japanese.)

"O-Tone" (Ogawa Tone)

"O-Tone" (Ogawa Tone) which I suggested as a special finger ring (?) is introduced.

Ocarina inC (Normal Tone Range)

(Real sound is 8va High )

It can pronounce from G to C of loud sound by Ocarina inC.
(Real sound is 8va High )

I perform to a trial.

(Real sound is 8va High )

This performance requires skill considerably.
Please listen to G A H C higher than Hi F.

Performance.  ●

The example of a performance
It goes up from G sound to G sound on an octave.

(Real sound is 8va High )

Performance.  ●

You can hear "Ogawa-tone" by this performance.
"Le Cygne" : Saint-Saens

The performance method

The performance method is easy and makes the room for the mouthpiece of Ocarina with both hands.
The capacity of the both hands is changed and a pitch is determined.

Look at a demonstration animation of "O-Tone" put in YouTube.
"Le Cygne" : Saint-Saens

Read The Principles of the Ocarina well.
Please try.

Please call this method "O-Tone" (Ogawa Tone).

Ogawa Kenji will suggest from several years before,
and this method is used for a performance, recording, etc.
The person who heard my CD and was wanted to learn the performance method.
In order to reply to your request, it is named "O-Tone" (Ogawa Tone) and announces here.

Kwenji Ogawa

How to play Ogawa Ocarina (Ogawa Kenji Ocarina Control)

Making of an ocarina
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