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Haw to play Ogawa Ocarina

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About the ocarina

Probably, the oldest ocarina is the tortoise-shaped relic from the remains of the Mayan civilization. In principle, the whistle of Pan in Greek mythology is the same thing.



(Pan fell in love with a nymph, a fairy, but she refused and turned herself into a reed. He felt remorse and blew on the whistle in her memory. / From SYRINX composed by C.Debussy)

Therefore, though it wasn't invented in Italy, it was very much being made in some parts of the country.

Though the ocarina was originally tuned to the musical scale of each area in the same way as the other old ethnic instruments in many parts in the world, we now use the one tuned to the so-called Do, Re, Mi scale.

(Well ... actually, as it stands now there are many occasions when ocarinas are not properly tuned to the correct Do, Re, Mi. Yet, in this condition, it is said that in the market, there is an ocarina with a perfect pitch that does not go wrong. If there were such an instrument, it would be something like an electric instrument from which beautiful music could not be made. Because a pitch can be controlled in the instrument, a beautiful melody can be blown. In principle, an ocarina is an instrument that follows the person who blows it. Have you ever listened to the music of an electric keyboard without a rhythm and cord? If you feel it's beautiful or wonderful ... well, then...)

As simple as the instrument is, it is supposed to be more difficult to play. But an ocarina is very easy to play at the rudimentary level. Therefore, unfortunately, many people often mistake themselves for experts and play in public. But I have never heard to a really wonderful performance yet.

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