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[731] 無題 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2002/02/22(Fri) 10:02
Hi, I am a student involved in a musical science compettition. Since the
requirements involve making a wind instrument, I thought perhaps an ocarina
would be a good thing to make.
Do you have any ideas for a very simple wind instrument? I read something
about using an Easter egg, but the instructions weren't specific. I need to
know the basic principles of sound.

Thank You for your help,
Laurel (student in Idaho)
ありがとう! 貴方の質問は他の人にも答える事になると思います。
an Easter eggの事は良く知りませんが、竹で作る事も出来ます。
原理は皆同じです。 きっと楽しい作業に成ると思います。
Thank you for entry. This is going to answere other people's questions. First, please read each item of my homepage carefully. You will be able to understand the principle, how to make, etc. Although I don't know about an Easter egg, it can be made from a bamboo as well. The principle is the same for all. I think that it is going to be a enjoyable work.
Please also make this page reference.

[732] hajimemashite 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2002/02/22(Fri) 11:16
可哀想な楽器を増やしたくないので・・・。  私のわがままですがね!

[733] 無題 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2002/02/23(Sat) 03:58
Hi, it's Rajiv again, i asked earlier about how to play a song that my ocarina
might not cover the notes for. I dont think mine is Japanese, it has 10 finger
holes, but has the same general shape as the ones on your website. It's range
of notes is from a C to a high F of 1 octave higher. so i guess i just need to
change the key, thanks!
I am sorry. I understand your question. There are three methods.
1) Change the key according to the sound range of your ocarina. It is called transposition. To put it simply, begin with music with convenient note for you.
2) Another method is to arrange the music so that it becomse playable by your ocarina (10 finger holes ocarina).
3) To Change the ocarinas which can play that music.

Hope this helps. Let us konw if you have further question. - Suimin

[734] placement of holes 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2002/02/23(Sat) 12:22
hello. i am interested in making my own ocarina but there are always
different arrangement of the sound holes. it is hard for me to understand if
these are to go in some specific order. your site has been helpful in helping
me to better understand the instrument but i am still confused as to how and
where to put the holes. if this is too much information to give away, then
could you suggest a book or any writings on this subject. any response will be
greatly appreciated. thank you
コメントありがとう。ocarinaはシンプルな楽器ですが、その微妙な音色を追求する事は難しいのです。それだけに、オカリーナを作る事は音楽する事なのです。オブジェを作る事ではありません。・・・貴方の作ったオカリーナを見せてくれると嬉しいです。Thank you for a comment. Although ocarina is a simple musical instrument, it is really difficult to make the delicate tone. Making ocarina from such a meaning is making music. It is not making sculpture. It is glad if great ocarina which you made is shown.
・・・・Suimin What do you think?

Hi. First of all, which hole(s) do you mean by saying "sound hole" ? The fingering hole or the sound hole? The fingering holes are the holes to make different notes. The sound hole is the hole where the sound is created. There is only one sound hole in an ocarina. Some people call it fipple or voicing. And what kind of ocarinas are you interested? European round types (4 - 6 holes) or sweat potato (10 holes or more)?

[735] matt again 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2002/02/24(Sun) 02:40
thank you for your prompt response and sorry if my question was misleading or
confusing. my question is about the 10-hole ocarina. i am asking about both
types of holes. I see that the placement of the "sound hole" is often
different from different makers(closer or farther from the mouth piece). More
importantly, i have seen a wide variety in which the fingering holes are spaced
and arranged differently. is there a certain "pattern" that is a rule of thumb
in making one? i hope this is a more appropriate question.
そうか!オカリーナとフルートでは原理が違うのです。フルートのトーンホールの位置は音程に関係しますが、オカリーナはその位置は何処でも良いのです。その事はオカリーナの運指の特殊性に現れています。基本原理はサイト内に書いてあります。"sound hole"の位置は貴方の好きな所で良いと思います。しかし、特殊な位置では制約が出る事も有ります。I see! The principles of the ocarina and the flute are different. Although the position of the tone holes of fulte is related to a pitch, anywhere of ocarina is sufficient as the position. That has appeared in the uniquness of fingering of ocarina. The basic principle is written in this site. I think that the position of "sound hole" is good in your favorite place. However, restrictions sometimes come out in a special position.
As far as know, the fingering is the same for all ocarinas made by major Japanese makers. - Suimin

[736] 無題 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2002/02/24(Sun) 15:14
それはそれは ご丁寧に 恐れ入ります!
面白かったのかな? 気が向いたら感想などよろしく!

[737] 無題 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2002/02/26(Tue) 23:36
マドリガル 「アマリリ麗し」も御覧になりましたか?

[738] はじめまして 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2002/02/27(Wed) 16:15

[739] 宜しくお願いします 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2002/02/28(Thu) 16:07
守口さん いらっしゃいませ!
あははは・・・ 参考になる事が有ればどうぞご利用下さい。
と上に書いてあります・・・。どうぞ、お気軽に 遊びに来て下さい。

[740] 無題 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2002/03/01(Fri) 09:00

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