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[1115] ??? 投稿者:??? [United States of America] 投稿日:2007/04/08(Sun) 00:58
I bought a ocarina with 7 on top and one on the bottom but i cant find music help!
Was the fingering chart attached to Ocarina which you purchased?
When there is not it, some sounds of top and bottom will not come out.
The Ocarina becomes ranges from "do" to "re" in an octave.
You can use a fingering chart of this site.

[1114] Question about my Ocarina.. 投稿者: [United States of America] 投稿日:2007/04/04(Wed) 07:31
Hello. I just bought an Ocarina like the one on Zelda. It has 7 holes on top and 2 on the bottom. The tabs I'm finding online for Zelda music only has 4 holes. Can I still play it?
I am assigned to Zelda and do not know it at all.
However, it welcomes you that the people who are interested in Ocarina increase.
Even Ocarina of any kind of kind makes a good sound. But there will be a limit in a kind of the music that it can play.

[1113] Ocarina Of Time 投稿者: [Mexico] 投稿日:2007/03/30(Fri) 13:11
Hi, I`m Roberto, Call Me Ronnie, I Have A Ocarina, Well I Made It, So Is Not Perfect, But It Souns, I Have Painted It With A Color Blue, Like The Ocarina Of Time, I Enjoy Playing Ocarina, I´m Not So Good, But I Enjoy It!
Hi, Ronnie
Thank you for comment.
Are you happy by the making of Ocarina?
When you paint Ocarina in a color, does not a sound change?
Please test it.

[1112] 無題 投稿者: [Canada] 投稿日:2007/03/26(Mon) 12:32
I am ten years old
I like your site
I like Zelda music and the Ocarina
Ihave a plastic Ocarina but it does not work well.
I am almost able to play Zeldas lullaby but it is to high pitched
Hi! MacKAY
Will it play Ocarina with a computer in Zelda?
It seems to be very interesting!
Please try even genuine Ocarina.

[1111] 無題 投稿者:dorian [choose ] 投稿日:2006/12/06(Wed) 22:50
hi! i wanted to say that your website is very good for those who search an ocarina and don t know information about it.i've been searching for hours before i found something. forgive my words faults im frensh.i really want to play this instrument but i don t even know where i can find a good one.i live next to paris, so if you know a place where i can find one that would be so greatfull.thank you very much.
Your contribution was handled as SPAM, too.
I apologize for the thing that was useless for you.
A search on Internet is difficult.

[1109] 無題 投稿者:BRANDON MURPHY [choose ] 投稿日:2007/02/22(Thu) 08:56
Thank you for comment!
Let's enjoy Ocarina together!

[1108] ocarina's! 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2007/02/26(Mon) 09:54  Home
Dear Mr Ogawa, I found your site while researching how to make ocarinas for a pottery class I am teaching at a local youth centre. Your site is wonderful and very informative. I should like to print out your instructions on making the ocarina doll to show my students, and {if i can work out how to do it} burn one of your mp3's to disc to let them hear what a well made ocarina can sound like. I must say you do indeed make it sound very beautiful. Of course I do not expect my students to be able to reach your standard of excellence! I would just like to help them to make something fun and interesting, and would like to thank you for your tips, information and experience.

all the best,
As for me, this site is helpful for you and your student and is glad.
A reply is delayed and does not breathe it.
Your contribution was isolated as SPAM.

[1107] 無題 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2007/03/12(Mon) 21:36
Hola, I'm delighted to hear ocarina! I have never heard it befor.
You heard a sound of Ocarina of this site and how did feel it? I am glad if I listen to how you liked it.

[1106] 無題 投稿者: [Thailand] 投稿日:2007/03/08(Thu) 14:51
I just made a 10-hole ocarina and have been scouting all over the internet for some finger position sheets, but I can't find any, could you help me please?
Thank you. >_<
Ocarina of ten halls and 12 halls is the same principle.
You should make your favorite Ocarina.
Will it be easy?

[1105] Where to Buy one? 投稿者: [Thailand] 投稿日:2007/02/25(Sun) 11:33
I love how Ocarinas sound. I would love to learn to play one. I just wanted to know where I can buy a lower sounding ocarina (bass)? I would make one, but I am horrible at clay working. Thanks for help!

P.S. Great site!
Thank you for comment!

You can buy ocarina on Internet.
Look at here. http://ocarina.nsf.tc/index-e.htm

However, it is the method how it is good to buy it after really testing it most.
It becomes reference of choice that you hear music played in purchase ocarina desired.

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| 16| 17| 18| 19| 20| 21| 22| 23| 24| 25| 26| 27| 28| 29| 30|
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