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[1127] Thank you 投稿者:Maria [Venezuela] 投稿日:2007/06/29(Fri) 22:55
I was looking for a website to learn how to make an ocarina for my children and I found your website, is very easy to understand and the kid enjoyed all the process to make their own instruments. Thank you. Japan is an wonderful country!

[1126] Very Informative Website for Ocarina. 投稿者: [India] 投稿日:2007/06/27(Wed) 15:18
I am really surprised to see a website on Ocarina, for years I wanted to get informations on that. But today I found many things about it. I appreciate the author of this webpages. I wish to buy one if possible or available in my country. I would like to know the cost of it. I am happy to hear the samples too.
Thanks so much.

[1125] はじめまして 投稿者: [千葉] 投稿日:2007/06/08(Fri) 11:11  Home






[1124] 無題 投稿者: [UK (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)] 投稿日:2007/06/07(Thu) 01:52
Hi I was hoping you could help me in an ocarina choice. I have decided I want to play the ocarina and know what songs I wish to play on it. However I do not know which ocarina will be best to play these songs. If you would kindly give me an email address, so that I can send you a clip of that song, perhaps you could advise me on the best ocarina to buy. Thank you for your time,and great website! The ocarina music here is amazing, beautifully played.

[1123] 初めて伺いました 投稿者: [Japan] 投稿日:2007/05/29(Tue) 02:18  Home
オカリナ・ピアノ 一人デュオのきょうこ様の部屋から伺いました。




[1122] Ave Maria 投稿者:Marie P [Canada] 投稿日:2007/05/19(Sat) 13:41
Hi I just found out about your web site and it is really good. I never knew that the ocarina could be played so well! I'm amazed!
Question:Will you have a Mp3 for Ave Maria soon?
I have the music for my five hole ocarina and I would like to hear how wonderfuly it can be played.
Thank you.
Thank you for comment!

There is a sheet of music of two pieces of "Ave Maria" in "My Toy box" of my web site. There is a file of midi there, too, but there is not a performance of Ocarina. I am happy if I become your reference.

[1121] Have You Got Any 10-Hole Tabs? 投稿者: [UK (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)] 投稿日:2007/05/17(Thu) 03:46
Hi Ocarina Man! Have you got any 10-hole Ocarina tabs?(Preferlby Zelda one's) Thanks alot! Jack M
Hi! Jack M
Because a principle of Ocarina is the same, please refer to Fingerings for Ocarina.

[1120] 再記帳です♪ 投稿者: [Japan] 投稿日:2007/05/06(Sun) 18:05
よがり笛2の配信 いつもありがとうございます。
記帳所 改めて覗いてみましたがココはドコ!?
振り返れば 「お」に出会って既に7年目に突入です。
ますます重症で楽しまれる事を望みます!  はは

[1119] student 投稿者: [United States of America] 投稿日:2007/05/06(Sun) 02:08
I want to learn to make clay whistles in many different shapes. currently I only make round styles, and many have poor sound. I understand it will take time to prefect this process, and with your help I will succed...
It is easy to make ocarina.
But it is difficult to make it as a musical instrument.
I am a pleasure whether you are troubled at a position.

[1118] ph.d. Prof. 投稿者: [Italy] 投稿日:2007/04/24(Tue) 16:12
Thank you! They are delicious. I've never thought that such music could be played on ocarina.

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Hello Gabriele.
Thank you for enjoying my Ocarina music.

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