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[1128] Inspiring 投稿者: [United States of America] 投稿日:2007/07/16(Mon) 06:29
Your website is inspiring to me. I have wanted to play the ocarina for years, and I am going to be beginning soon. Your website, and the songs you've played for us on it, capture my view of the ocarina very well, though I've never played it... I feel from hearing it and holding it, it is one of the most "natural" instruments there is.

Thank you so much for showing this part of yourself, and for providing information on the ocarina. You've inspired me to begin playing.

[1127] Thank you 投稿者:Maria [Venezuela] 投稿日:2007/06/29(Fri) 22:55
I was looking for a website to learn how to make an ocarina for my children and I found your website, is very easy to understand and the kid enjoyed all the process to make their own instruments. Thank you. Japan is an wonderful country!

[1126] Very Informative Website for Ocarina. 投稿者: [India] 投稿日:2007/06/27(Wed) 15:18
I am really surprised to see a website on Ocarina, for years I wanted to get informations on that. But today I found many things about it. I appreciate the author of this webpages. I wish to buy one if possible or available in my country. I would like to know the cost of it. I am happy to hear the samples too.
Thanks so much.

[1125] はじめまして 投稿者: [千葉] 投稿日:2007/06/08(Fri) 11:11  Home






[1124] 無題 投稿者: [UK (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)] 投稿日:2007/06/07(Thu) 01:52
Hi I was hoping you could help me in an ocarina choice. I have decided I want to play the ocarina and know what songs I wish to play on it. However I do not know which ocarina will be best to play these songs. If you would kindly give me an email address, so that I can send you a clip of that song, perhaps you could advise me on the best ocarina to buy. Thank you for your time,and great website! The ocarina music here is amazing, beautifully played.

[1123] 初めて伺いました 投稿者: [Japan] 投稿日:2007/05/29(Tue) 02:18  Home
オカリナ・ピアノ 一人デュオのきょうこ様の部屋から伺いました。




[1122] Ave Maria 投稿者:Marie P [Canada] 投稿日:2007/05/19(Sat) 13:41
Hi I just found out about your web site and it is really good. I never knew that the ocarina could be played so well! I'm amazed!
Question:Will you have a Mp3 for Ave Maria soon?
I have the music for my five hole ocarina and I would like to hear how wonderfuly it can be played.
Thank you.
Thank you for comment!

There is a sheet of music of two pieces of "Ave Maria" in "My Toy box" of my web site. There is a file of midi there, too, but there is not a performance of Ocarina. I am happy if I become your reference.

[1121] Have You Got Any 10-Hole Tabs? 投稿者: [UK (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)] 投稿日:2007/05/17(Thu) 03:46
Hi Ocarina Man! Have you got any 10-hole Ocarina tabs?(Preferlby Zelda one's) Thanks alot! Jack M
Hi! Jack M
Because a principle of Ocarina is the same, please refer to Fingerings for Ocarina.

[1120] 再記帳です♪ 投稿者: [Japan] 投稿日:2007/05/06(Sun) 18:05
よがり笛2の配信 いつもありがとうございます。
記帳所 改めて覗いてみましたがココはドコ!?
振り返れば 「お」に出会って既に7年目に突入です。
ますます重症で楽しまれる事を望みます!  はは

[1119] student 投稿者: [United States of America] 投稿日:2007/05/06(Sun) 02:08
I want to learn to make clay whistles in many different shapes. currently I only make round styles, and many have poor sound. I understand it will take time to prefect this process, and with your help I will succed...
It is easy to make ocarina.
But it is difficult to make it as a musical instrument.
I am a pleasure whether you are troubled at a position.

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