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[1111] 無題 投稿者:dorian [choose ] 投稿日:2006/12/06(Wed) 22:50
hi! i wanted to say that your website is very good for those who search an ocarina and don t know information about it.i've been searching for hours before i found something. forgive my words faults im frensh.i really want to play this instrument but i don t even know where i can find a good one.i live next to paris, so if you know a place where i can find one that would be so greatfull.thank you very much.
Your contribution was handled as SPAM, too.
I apologize for the thing that was useless for you.
A search on Internet is difficult.

[1109] 無題 投稿者:BRANDON MURPHY [choose ] 投稿日:2007/02/22(Thu) 08:56
Thank you for comment!
Let's enjoy Ocarina together!

[1108] ocarina's! 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2007/02/26(Mon) 09:54  Home
Dear Mr Ogawa, I found your site while researching how to make ocarinas for a pottery class I am teaching at a local youth centre. Your site is wonderful and very informative. I should like to print out your instructions on making the ocarina doll to show my students, and {if i can work out how to do it} burn one of your mp3's to disc to let them hear what a well made ocarina can sound like. I must say you do indeed make it sound very beautiful. Of course I do not expect my students to be able to reach your standard of excellence! I would just like to help them to make something fun and interesting, and would like to thank you for your tips, information and experience.

all the best,
As for me, this site is helpful for you and your student and is glad.
A reply is delayed and does not breathe it.
Your contribution was isolated as SPAM.

[1107] 無題 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2007/03/12(Mon) 21:36
Hola, I'm delighted to hear ocarina! I have never heard it befor.
You heard a sound of Ocarina of this site and how did feel it? I am glad if I listen to how you liked it.

[1106] 無題 投稿者: [Thailand] 投稿日:2007/03/08(Thu) 14:51
I just made a 10-hole ocarina and have been scouting all over the internet for some finger position sheets, but I can't find any, could you help me please?
Thank you. >_<
Ocarina of ten halls and 12 halls is the same principle.
You should make your favorite Ocarina.
Will it be easy?

[1105] Where to Buy one? 投稿者: [Thailand] 投稿日:2007/02/25(Sun) 11:33
I love how Ocarinas sound. I would love to learn to play one. I just wanted to know where I can buy a lower sounding ocarina (bass)? I would make one, but I am horrible at clay working. Thanks for help!

P.S. Great site!
Thank you for comment!

You can buy ocarina on Internet.
Look at here. http://ocarina.nsf.tc/index-e.htm

However, it is the method how it is good to buy it after really testing it most.
It becomes reference of choice that you hear music played in purchase ocarina desired.

[1104] Ocarina 投稿者: [Thailand] 投稿日:2007/01/22(Mon) 11:12
I love Ocarina's ever since i played the original Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time video game... i love how soft the music is and how it just sets u in a peaceful mood, im just wondering specifically how to make one and steps to make it.

also im wondering how much do the price range for a ten ho...
Ocarina is a great musical instrument. If Ocarina is actually blown, you grow into a greater feeling. I want you to challenge actual Ocarina. I recommend to practice Ocarina of 12 holes.

[1103] 10-hole ocarina 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2006/12/24(Sun) 23:51
Do you have any tabs for the 10-hole ocarina? I would like to learn some tunes, like the zelda music and so fourth. Or maybe you kno some internetsite where I can find some Sheet music for the 10-hole ocarina? Yours sincerely Alvar Lethin
Merry Christmas! Welcome!! This site has recommended Ocarina of 12 holes. Although it is difficult for Ocarina of 12 holes to make, there is only a merit for those who perform. Although this site has carried many scores, though regrettable, there is no tab music.

[1102] question 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2006/12/18(Mon) 23:33
i wanna know if you can send a ocarina for me.
i have friends in japan and EUA but i dont know if your store come from.

please answer me
Is it Brazil? my Ocarina -- "http://ocarina.nsf.tc/index-e.htm" -- an order can be placed to this site Please have a look.

[1101] I'm moved 投稿者: [Latin America HQ] 投稿日:2006/12/12(Tue) 20:59
Right now I'm listening to your mp3 samples and I must tell you I'm moved to tears. I love the sound of the ocarinas, they have this mystical and magical sound when someone is this skilled to play them correctly. My most heartly congratulations and thanks for making this great site. I've always wanted to play an ocarina, and I hope I can learn from you how to make mine. You're an inspiration. Thank you very much!!!
I am very happy about your wonderful comment.
It is said that the oldest Ocarina is in South American Mayan civilization.
It can be understood that you of Mexico are impressed.
However, the sound of Ocarina will be liked exceeding the area and race which live.
When you think that you want to carry out music, please make Ocarina for realizing the music.
I think that surely wonderful Ocarina is made.
Good luck to a success!

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