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[1100] I am sorry 投稿者:ken [Venezuela] 投稿日:2006/12/07(Thu) 15:48
This guest book was out of order. I am glad if the person who was not able to write in challenges once again.


[1099] I have a question 投稿者: [Thailand] 投稿日:2006/11/28(Tue) 00:26
I have a question, if you anwser any. I Tried making an ocarina, and i looked up that the air vibrates throughout the ocarina. So i made it hollow, gave it 4 holes and gave it windway. But it makes a hollow sound when i blow it. How to i make an ocarina that has good tone? is there a secret to how you make the windway?
I think that it is difficult to express sound with words. As for me, your Ocarina has only imagined what kind of sound is made. If it is OCARINA BBS, the file of a photograph or a sound can be attached. Did it grow into looking at "Making of an ocarina Introduction I" in my site? I think that what is necessary is just to see this, and it is understood.

[1098] Impressive 投稿者:She-Drake [Thailand] 投稿日:2006/11/25(Sat) 08:01
I recently prchased a pendant ocarina, and have been educating myself about the instrument. The tutorial on ocarina making on your website makes me appriciate how much hard work the makers put into the instruments. Creating an ocarina is no small task!
Keep up the hard work,
Making Ocarina is performing music. I think that it is not making the object of fine arts. It is the pleasure which makes a musical sound from clay! Let's enjoy ourselves all together!

[1097] thankyou 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2006/10/30(Mon) 18:35
Thankyou Mr. Ogawa. I have been searching for information on ocarina's for a
while now, I found your site on a link at wikipedia and am thankfull as anything.
Just listeing to the music on your sit and reading your ideas on it's music. I will
say while I am a music lover my experiance with instraments is limited, you have
insiperd me to attempt to make and play an ocarina. Do you think I can do it?
Your answer probable wont stop me, but do you think it possible.
Thanks again Nathan
Thank you for a comment.
of course, you can do it!
Compass of Ocarina is also narrow and it is deficient in power of expression.
I want to carry out it somehow.
This site will be one of the answer of that.
Isn't an answer seen while you also enjoy Ocarina together?

[1096] 無題 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2006/10/07(Sat) 07:06
Hello! I have been making ocarina as a hobby (though my results are not consistent yet- I'll keep
trying!), and I was wondering as to which voicing shape is the best. I have seen round, rectangular, and
even triangular voicings! Also, I was wondering what I am doing wrong when my ocarina only plays the
high notes, and when it only plays the low notes.

Your site has been very helpful, especially in understanding the differences between the mechanics of
flutes and ocarinas (I play the flute, and the way the finger holes could be placed anywhere confused
me at first). Your ocarinas are gorgeous (in appearance and sound), and your playing is the most
astoundingly beautiful I have ever heard! The sound of the ocarina is so peaceful and serene!
Hello! Mr.Kai Song-Nichols
Thank you for the comment over my Web site or a performance.
Your words encourage me.
It is trying hard with the ability of me not to do a musical performance in Ocarina.
This site is a part of that result.
It is glad if the research to my Ocarina grows into your reference.

[1095] Thank You For The Input 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2006/10/06(Fri) 08:25
Thank you very much for answering my comment really quick. I read the Principle
of Ocarina and I see what you mean. I was thinking of it in terms or a flute or
piccalo type instrument when I should have been looking at it in a different
way. Your site is very helpful and you are just as helpfull as well.

I also listened to the music section of your website and I must say it is soem
of the most peaceful and beautiful music I've heard in years. I look forward to
completing my own so I can start learning how to play.
Thank you for understanding!
Probably, it is meaningful to grasp each size of Ocarina, supposing it makes Ocarina from mass production industrially. However, supposing it makes Ocarina from handmade, those figures do not have a meaning.It is because those figures change by change of some conditions. Performance experience of people's musical sense and Ocarina to make rectifies those figures.I think that the pleasure which makes Ocarina is there in fact.

You will surely be able to make wonderful Ocarina. I am very happy about it.

[1094] Love Your Site 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2006/10/05(Thu) 15:34
I love your site Mr. Ogawa and I completly agree that for a musician to really
find his sound he needs to have made his instrument his own. I have been playing
music for years, but so far I have only played brass instruments. I am currently
exploring making my own ocarina and I was wondering if you could give my any
tips as to what I could use to make my own tools for ocarina making.

P.S. Does size of the ocarina matter if you try to tune it to a certain key? Or
is it placement of the sound holes?
Thank you for a comment.
Conditions can perform Ocarina to make Ocarina. As for Ocarina which you make, your liking is reflected. Therefore, data differs to those who make. Please read the principle of Ocarina well. There is a hint.

[1093] Dr. 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2006/08/25(Fri) 07:42
I have been playing thr ocarina since childhood. Later I branched out to
flute, guitar, hammer dulcimer, bagpipes etc.

I found your pages interesting and instructive.

Thanks for such a great cite
Hi! Thank you for a comment.
I am glad if you can enjoy yourself and get to this site.
Ocarina of 12 holes should also challenge.

[1092] 無題 投稿者:White Bear [choose ] 投稿日:2006/08/01(Tue) 14:05
Hi,I love classical Music. I can't play the Ocarina but the Piano and the
I'm happy to find this page and looking forward to check it from now on.
Ocarina and classical Music..... How was it?
I am very glad if you were able to enjoy the performance.
Ocarina is an easy musical instrument.

Please try.

[1091] Where to start? 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2006/07/17(Mon) 20:58

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