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[1081] 無題 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2006/01/25(Wed) 09:37
Hello Im from the state of Oregon in United States
From Oregon to Welcome!
Did you enjoy this site?
Please come again!

[1080] Konnitiwa!! 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2006/01/18(Wed) 02:27
I have another question. Do you know where I could find a round ocarina with 4
holes? and have you ever made one like that?
bye bye !! arigato mimi
Where was it found? It is an interesting question. Since form and an ornament change with areas, it may be possible. However, since I am not looking at it, I do not understand. Ocarinas various, of course have been made.

[1079] Wonderful pieces of music 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2006/01/17(Tue) 01:20
The music play by the ocarina is really nice? Does the music just by ONE
ocarina, are there any other musical instrutment play with it, or has the
music added with some special effect? Really nice and and peaceful. I like
Thank you for a comment. I think that all answers are in my performance since a performance is the actual proof of work of Ocarina. I am fortunate, if you can listen to a performance and can feel music.

[1078] Konnitiwa!! 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2006/01/15(Sun) 01:28
This site is really good!! I have learned a lot of things :D Ocarina's are so beautiful. the sound as well. You make lovely ones !! I am 17 now and still looking for the right ocarina for me. I was thinking about one with 4 holes because one with 8 holes sounds difficult to play. is this true? I have tried to make my own ocarina but I failed :( I used the wrong materials so it was logic that I would fail haha. As I said before I have not found an ocarina yet. Maybe you could tell me what a good one (for a beginner like me) is? arigato !! mimi
Making Ocarina is making your music. The thing suitable for the music which you want to express should be made. But much time may be necessity. Shortening of that time is just performed to this site. Unless good Ocarina performs, it is not understood.

[1077] Nice Site 投稿者:Greg [choose ] 投稿日:2006/01/12(Thu) 02:32
I recently bought an ocarina (a very fine Zelda replica), and have enjoyed it
very much. After playing it, I wished to try my hand at making one for myself.
Thanks for making this site to show the basics!
-Greg from Florida :)
I expect and wait. Because, you will be impressed by the sound of Ocarina which you made! Then, please come here again and tell me the comment.

[1076] 謹賀新年 投稿者:ゆりぼ [choose ] 投稿日:2006/01/10(Tue) 00:35


[1075] 無題 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2005/12/26(Mon) 03:36
i resently made my own ocarina. its not quite as good as yours ofcourse, but i
am happy with the way it turned out. unfortunately i havent had much time to
learn how to play it, but i was wondering if it is common for beginners to run
out of breath, because that seems to be a flaw in performance that i am unable
to over come as of now. i was wondering if you had any suggestions of over
coming this bad habbit.
P.S. i cant get over the absolutely, perfect tone quality your ocarinas.
produce.im probably gonna save up and buy a bass ocarina when i get enough
money. please keep up the good work! your an insparation to me.
If it sees by access record, is it from United States?
Thank you for a comment.
I want to see very much OCARINA which you made.
Please contribute your opinion and a work.

Your handmade Ocarina  http://www.fl-oca.com/oca/oca.cgi
Ocarina BBS  http://www.fl-oca.com/ebbs/joyful.cgi

The amount of consumption of a breath is related also to the design of OCARINA.
Of course, although it is related also to the performance method,
when there is a physical problem, there is hardly.

[1074] 初めまして 投稿者:ファーマー佐藤 [choose ] 投稿日:2005/12/19(Mon) 12:40  Home

特許庁に共同出願した事も有ります。  悪趣味が合いそうですね・・あはは

[1073] good work 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2005/11/19(Sat) 11:02
hey i am 16 and am interested in playing this insterment i got a plastic one
form japan two years ago and i have lost the notes on how to play it and sicne
than i have become more and more interest and was hoping you will be able to
help me find out the notes my ocarina has 8 holes and i think it is called a
sweet patato ocarina i have also become a fan of your music and i am interested
in how to play it. so thank you for you time and i hope to be play your music in
front of a camp fire to all my mates
Ocarina of a plastic is good for performing out in the fields. It may differ from this site finger ring chart for a while. However, after it is fundamentally the same, please make it reference. A pleasant Ocarina life!

[1072] Mr. 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2005/11/07(Mon) 08:47
Thank you for the wonderful photos and recording. Most especially I thank you
for being dedicated to creating wonderful instruments and being willing to
share how to make and play them.
Your comment gives me joy! I wish that many people can get the joy which performs and makes Ocarina purely. Let's enjoy Ocarina together.

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