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[1000] Sheet Music! 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2004/02/16(Mon) 01:43
Hee! I love your site!, But I have one question. Do you know where I can get
sheet music for 12 hole Ocarinas? Ive been looking, but so far I havent found
any :(. If you can help, that would be great! (PS: I love your site!)
Thank you for a visit. As for ocarina of 12 holes, much sound comes only out of a part with many holes. However, it is not easily to take out sound only to it. Let's enjoy music together. ........Please look at "my toy box."

[999] 無題 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2004/02/08(Sun) 06:17
i gave up on making them, i made 3 all together and none of them worked , :-(
sarry!but your site helped me all out!thanxs!i ended up making an instrument
called "panpipes"
There are many processes in making Ocarina. Please work to each work at the time suitable for work. It is referred to as getting used to clay. It seems that it will blow in many cases too much if sound appears in it. Probably, it was pleasant.

[998] 無題 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2004/01/28(Wed) 08:00
I understand if it was that type of clay, ut this type has to be baked in a
kitchen oven!
The grade of calcination is judged to the sound which struck Ocarina by the nail. Calcination temperature can be judged with the sound. Of course, the difference based on a clayey kind exists in the sound.
I am looking forward to your work.

[997] Another Question 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2004/01/26(Mon) 06:57
Hi!it's me again. i made a 4-hole "ocarina" of my own. i used terra cotta clay
and drilled in the holes after it had hardened. It played for a bit(not very
well) but then it lost it's sound, what do i do?
or what DID i do?
Also, how wde do the holes in a four hole ocarina have to be?
I imagine that you are fighting with clay. It is delightful for me.
Now, if clay is not calcinated, it is still clay. The clay which is not calcinated will melt. Therefore, please shorten time to blow in order to decide the size of a tone hole. But you blow and decide the size of a hole.
Have you understood now?

[996] Thank you 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2004/01/25(Sun) 06:34
I have been making Ocarinas for some time now, and have found that this site is truly
informative. I cannot thank you enough for placing such good information on this site.
Thank you for the comment from Canada.
I think that making Ocarina makes sound. After I make this site, it feels that the pleasure has spread in the world. Did "Your handmade Ocarina" of this site have a look? I want to see your Ocarina there.It is my pleasure to see Ocarina which you made.

(Your sentence is somewhat difficult ?! -- for me. And probably, my sentence will be difficult. --for you ---hahaha)

[995] おじゃまします! 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2004/01/20(Tue) 21:36
覚えていますよ。 その後いかがお過ごしでしたか?

[994] ありがとうございました 投稿者:珊瑚 [choose ] 投稿日:2004/01/16(Fri) 21:24
珊瑚 さま 
「お」友達の会 のエリアに楽譜が御座います。

[993] sculpey... 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2004/01/15(Thu) 09:08
well, sculpey clay is a type of baking clay that you can bake in a kitchen
oven to harden, "aply" was misspelled and i was meaning to type "play", my
toy "ocarina" is not worth being on this site!it does not play a note!would i
be able to purchase ceramic art clay in a craft store?
The kind of clay is sold also to Japan.
I also regard making Ocarina from sculpey clay as your pleasure. You will feel happiness only by sound coming out at first. And you want to come to take out further much sound.The next is in a better sound .. The pleasure which makes Ocarina develops into the appearance. To this site, many people are enjoying themselves. You also regard the Internet as the ability of clay to be purchased. Please search.
Ocarina which you made prays growing into a fantastic sound!!

[992] A quick Question... 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2004/01/15(Thu) 03:41
I was just wondering, can you use any type of clay such as sculpey clay or
does it have to be pottery clay, i have tried to make one out of sculpey clay
but it does not aply any note, please respond to my e-mail address as soon as
possible, thank you
Is Ocarina made? It is wonderful!
Please show the made work by "Your handmade Ocarina."
Now, I do not understand the meaning of "sculpey clay" and "aply."
But the material of Ocarina is not cared about anything.
Please be possible and make.
It will be surprised at the difference in the tone by material.
The material of my Ocarina is ceramic art clay.

[991] cool 投稿者: [choose ] 投稿日:2004/01/10(Sat) 22:24
hey i like this site l love ocarina`s but i dont haf one were can i get one? i
realy want to learn japans i come from the nederlands
Welcome!! I think it possible to get Ocarina in the Netherlands. Japanese-made Ocarina is about 30000 yen from 8000 yen. It will be 8000 of about 59 euros, since 1 euro is 136 yen grade. Please ask a big musical instrument store.

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